Cafe Niche Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast with a Local: Nash Martinez at Cafe Niche

Reviewed by Becky

SLC always surprises me with its talent.  We have a lot of super gifted people that I’d like to tell you about, if you don’t already know them.   So I’m going to breakfast with them at their favorite local breakfast spots and telling you a little bit about it and them in my new series Breakfast with a Local.

Nash Martinez

Who: Nash Martinez.  Fixture Designer & Builder for commercial and retail projects.

Favorite Breakfast in town:  the breakfast sandwich at Cafe Niche

What’s a typical breakfast for you: ‘It’s often a meal I skip.’

Your dream breakfast: ‘One that is nostalgic, like the corn pops cereal I had as a kid or my grandma’s homemade tortillas with beans, rice, eggs, and meat.  Grandma Poopsie (that’s what we liked to call her) would wake up every morning, rain or shine, and happily make breakfast for whoever else might join her. She did this up until her early 90’s.’

Why Salt Lake City:  ‘I love the pioneering nature of Salt Lake. There’s lots of opportunity to become a part of the city and not get lost in the city.  I think it’s the spirit of the west, where you can carve something out and stand out here. There’s also the beauty of the city.  I enjoy partaking in nature here more than I was able to before. But the biggest reason we chose Salt Lake was to be a part of a community here, an adventure lived out through relationships that will continue for a long time to come.’

Hometown:  ‘Wherever I live is my hometown.  I was born in Kirkland, WA.’

you can find Nash’s lighting at CG Sparks for sale or displayed at Pallet

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