Pao de Queijo from Cheese Bread Mania

Currently Craving… Pao de Queijo from Cheese Bread Mania

Reviewed by Becky
I first discovered Pao de Queijo while visiting my mother in law in Brazil, then I discovered that there’s a sweet gal, Debora Hammond, baking and selling the bread right here in Salt Lake City. Pao de Queijo are ‘delightfully crispy on the outside, but soft inside, like a cheesy cross between a popover and a dinner roll.’  Cheese Bread Mania, is a new small business owned by Debora and her mother from Brazil who have a passion for these small little bites of heaven.  You can now find them in four different flavors: original, 4 cheese, sun dried tomatoes and jalapeno. The jalepeno are my favorite! They are sold at Harmon’s, the Food Co-Op Monday Market, Rico MarketTony Caputo’s and several other local vendors. I buy them frozen and baked them at home for as an appetizer. What’s not to like…cheesy bread that melts in your mouth it’s so good!  They also happen to also be gluten free.

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  1. I picked up some of these little gems from Cheese Bread Mania at the Wheeler Farm Farmer's Market…so delicious! The jalapeno flavor is my favorite. They were sold to me by the sweetest girl, maybe Debora's daughter? She was probably only 12 or 13, but so cute and knowledgeable.

  2. Rachel, the jalepeno is my favorite too! Kalyn and Barbara, I think you would love these and you would really like the owner of the company!

  3. My husband was in Brazil for two years before we were married and he is IN LOVE with these! Whenever we make them, he eats practically all of them! So happy to find out we're not the only ones who like these!

  4. Wow… I'm so thrilled by all the good comments… Thanks so very much. I am Debora the owner of Cheese Bread Mania. Please fell free to contact me anytime and to visit us at Facebook for the newest updates… We post demo schedules at different sales locations… Specially at Holiday season.

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