Salt Lake City Greek Festival

Salt Lake City Greek Festival 2011

Reviewed by Becky
My favorite time of year commences with the Greek Festival in downtown Salt Lake. We go every year and look forward to the fresh feta cheese, gyros with roasted lamb, spanakopita, and baklava, all enjoyed will listening to overly loud Greek Music and watching traditional Greek dancing. To me, the best festivals around town are mostly about the food. Sadly, this year we’ll be in Canada for the duration of the festival, so I urge you to go on our behalf. And I seriously want to hear back from you- what did you like/not like and your favorites from the festival.  I will just have to get my Greek Festival fill from your stories so please go and do share with me how it went.  Here is my post from a previous Greek Festival.  Have a a gyro for me!

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  1. We try and go every year too. We were hoping to go today for lunch, but I guess they don't open until 5 today. Hope you're having fun in Canada!

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