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Currently Craving… Fresh Vegetables from Tifie Ranch

Reviewed by Becky
We have another great deal going on at the Farmer’s Market this weekend!! I’m excited to share with you not only a discount on produce but also the story of this local non-profit.

Tifie Ranch has a humanitarian heart and an organic and sustainable mission, which has contributed to its quick success and local interest. Their focus with food production is toward creating sustainable, simple, wholesome and ethical growing practices. Perhaps, the most important focus they have is that their ranch is a test ground for growing ideas. They not only want to make gardening simpler and more bountiful, but want to understand how to make it profitable on the small scale end so they can teach the same method to other farmers in under developed parts of the world.

This year they are doing a broad variety of produce as well as egg production. They have a herd of Boer Meat Goats started that will begin to show some kidding next spring. They also currently supply two Farmer’s Markets, a couple of restaraunts, and have plans rolling out to increase that spread as well as include a CSA.
Here is the deal they are offering this weekend:

Buy a $5 Pack (1 1/2 Pounds) of Tomatoes, Get A Pack of Peppers FREE! Choose from sweet, bell, or hot peppers as supplies last!

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