Tarahumara in Midway

Long Distance Dinner to Tarahumara in Midway

Reviewed by Becky

Does anyone else besides me think we have a shortage of good Mexican food in Salt Lake City?  Besides the occasional long wait at Red Iguana (which is not the tex-mex I’m used to anyway) there’s not very many other options. So I decided to hunt for more, and in my pursuit I found Tarahumara in Midway.

Tarahumara in Midway Utah

Midway is a charming Swedish community just outside of Park City and right next door to Heber. With ginger bread looking architecture lining the main drive through town and the backdrop of the green mountains, you feel like you’ve stepped into a different country all together. Midway is one of my favorite day trips to take from Salt Lake. This past winter we took a day trip to Midway to see the town in its snowy state, which closely resembled a fairytale.

Tarahumara serves up classic mouthwatering Mexican Food, free chips with every meal, and a salsa bar to blow other salsa bars out of the water. The burritos are generous and the tres leche cake decadent. Oh and did I mention they have house-made sangria that is pretty tasty as well, especially to sip on as you enjoy their patio overlooking a stream.

Tarahumara in Midway

Now, I’ll be honest, this place isn’t flashy… located in a strip mall with no waiter service, but that’s how Mexican food should be, right?

380 East Main Street, Midway UT
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  1. To answer the question you posed in the first sentence, yes – that is why we went to Chili's all the time to get our chips/queso/margarita fix :)

  2. Al, you would LOVE Tarahumara. Maybe we should make a trip out there while you're in town! Better than chips at Chili's I promise!

  3. I have to confess that The Red Iguana is still my favorite Mexican of all time, but I did love this place the one time I ate there!

  4. That tres leche looks wonderful! In the Salt Lake area, Red Iguana is pretty much my "go-to" restaurant for Mexican food fix.

  5. Everyone I know loves Tarahumara. We drove all the way up there a few months ago only to find they were closed! Ack. Time for a redo.Next time you go up there, head up the road to the Heber Valley Creamery and get some squeaky cheese curds. They are delish.

  6. Becky, pete and I drive over at least once a week during the summer. It is our FAVORITE!!! I love that you found it and next time give us a shout before you come and we'll make it a date!

  7. I recently went here for the first time. The Tres Leches is sooooo good! I have plenty of room for several favorite go-to mexican restaurants & this one has been added to that list.Question: Is Haven in St. George still open?

  8. I hadn't found out for sure because I secretly hoped it wasn't true. I've been wanting to try it since you blogged about it!

  9. I love the salsa bar at this restaurant. I never would have tried it with out a friend recommendation. And never would have guessed it is a Mexican restaurant!

  10. I heard this place is great!! The dinner and tres leches look wonderful–oh, man. Shouldn’t be looking at this right now cause I am starving!

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