The State Room a Salt Lake City concert venu

The State Room, a classy concert venue in Salt Lake City

Reviewed by Becky
I’ve been to my fare share of concert venues around the Salt Lake valley and around the country.  There is one venue in downtown Salt Lake that I especially enjoy, The State Room.  I wrote an article about this intimate and classy venue on Visit Salt Lake’s blog. One of my favorite bands, The Civil Wars, will be playing at The State Room later this month. Sometimes I do take a break from cooking and eating to catch a good show :)
The State Room in Salt Lake

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  1. The State room is my new favorite small venue. You can crowd up front or sit in the risers if you prefer. Perfect size for most van-and-trailer road bands. I have seen two shows here so far. While probably not important for most audiences, the load in from the back is super easy and fast with a direct ramp from dock to stage. The house PA is newer and adequate and placed well. So if any bands or booking agents are looking for an easy load in and load out venue, this is the one.

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