Kiler Grove Winery

Kiler Grove Winery in Salt Lake

Reviewed by Becky

Wait, what? Salt Lake City has an urban winery?  How fun is this!  Urban wineries are gaining popularity all around the country, basically they are a winery minus the vineyard.  Kiler Grove has free wine tastings, a wine tasting room with a Zion Curtain (it wouldn’t be Utah without it), and a limited selection of their boutique wines.

wine tasting at Kiler Grove Winery

I posted a full review of the winery on Visit Salt Lake’s blog, including my favorite wine and the story behind Kiler Grove.  I’m hoping to see more of their wine around the valley, maybe in some of our favorite local restaurants and brew-pubs like Pago, Tin Angel, Fresco, Em’s, Desert Edge, and Vinto (hint, hint).  Until then, you should venture over to their tasting room for a free sip and a bottle to take home.

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