Red Moose Cafe in Salt Lake City

Red Moose Coffee Company in Salt Lake City

Reviewed by Becky

Have you been to The Red Moose yet?

The Red Moose Coffee Company is a neighborhood café with all kinds of house specialties.  From original coffee blends with fun names like, Mint Moose Mocha and Honey Nut Latte to hearty sandwiches and huge cinnamon rolls, innovation is not something that is lacking a Red Moose.

Red Moose Cafe in Sugarhouse

Red Moose Cafe in Salt Lake
Nor do they lack in atmosphere; with comfortable seating, a relaxed aura, and free wifi, they have all things a good coffee shop should have, right?!  I mean that’s why people keep going to Starbucks.  You know you can get the whole coffee shop vibe while enjoying a hot drink at Starbucks and the drinks aren’t even that good.
At Red Moose, your sweet tooth will surely be satisfied.  Their drinks are sweet and their treats are even sweeter.  House-made cinnamon rolls loaded with generous amounts of icing are made daily.  Their berry muffins are also delightful.
With a dark wood interior and coffee can lighting, you get a Colorado Mountain town vibe right in the middle of a Salt Lake neighborhood. Try out Red Moose and plan to stay a while, because you’ll feel right at home.
Red Moose Cafe Utah
1693 South 900 East
M-W: 7 AM -6 PM
Thurs:  7AM-9PM
Fri: 7 AM-6 PM
Sat: 8 AM-6PM
Sun: 9 AM-5PM
live music on most Thursday nights

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  1. It’s obvious that a lot of their food is made from boxed mixes, and little is done from scratch. I don’t even know what those scones are. They’re dry and the one I had, a Strawberry Peach, was horrible. They use canned peaches, and when they are baked into the scone, they are rubbery and weird. The first couple times I went there it was good, but the more I went, I started to notice some things that were less then savoury. There is a window where you can see into the kitchen, and there is always a pitcher off mixed egg that just sits out for hours on end. I also checked some records, and they were shut down by the Health Department last week.
    Their food is potentially hazardous, because they don’t keep a lot of their foods at the correct temperature.

    • oh dear! Thanks for the update! As you can see my review was from years ago, with a previous owner even. I’ll have to go back but now I don’t know if I want too :/

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