sopecitos at Frida Bistro

Sopecitos at Frida Bistro and lunch on the patio

Reviewed by Becky

On a recent lunch rendezvous at Frida Bistro I discovered a new dish that I’m excited to share with you. Have you heard of a Sopecito? No? Allow me to enlighten you.

Sopecito, pronounced soap-eh-cito, are small blue corn rounds, like-toastadas, with a black bean puree and topped with a variety of flavors. I realize I am probably botching the description of this sophisticated Mexican dish but I hope you get the idea. At Frida Bistro for lunch you can select from several options to top your sopecita: carne asada, pork basted in citrus glaze, portabello chorizo, achiote marinated grilled wild salmon, honey–chipotle marinated gulf shrimp, or organic chicken breast marinated in lime. My friend and I both ordered sopecitos, so we tried the portabello chorizo, and the honey chipotle shrimp. After tasting both we agreed that the honey chipotle shrimp was the better of the two with a bit more kick to your taste buds.

lunch at Frida Bistro


Lunch at Frida Bistro will add color to anyone’s day. If its a warm day, sit on the patio and surround yourself with hues of yellow above you with nice accents of bold red and ocean blue. The prices for lunch are reasonable for a nice-served meal, $8-$12. And believe me, you will leave feeling fully satisfied and much brighter from the experience.
lunch at Frida Bistro

For lunch they always start you out right with a couple of these little spiced, cheese-filled bites. And every bite after these is just as good as the first.

And I can’t forget to mention dessert. Frida is teaming up with a local favorite of mine, My Dough Girl, to deliver a decadent mole cookie with a molten chile d’arbol ganache center, topped with slow roasted cinnamon toasted pepitas. Doesn’t that sound amazing?!

Frida Bistro serves upscale Latin American Cuisine just west and south of downtown, a perfect spot for lunch, an after work cocktail and small plate, or an evening splurge.

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  1. One of my favorite Mexican food experiences in Salt Lake City was actually at Frida Bistro. My boyfriend and I had been meaning to try the place for months, and when we finally did we were very pleased. We loved the bright colors inside the restaurant, the queso fundido as an appetizer, and both of our dishes. It was a really nice date for us, and we want to go back again soon!

  2. I am pretty new to SLC so I haven't had a lot of Mexican experiences here yet, but we went to the Red Iguana and had a fabulous dinner. Amazing moles and delicious margaritas– it made me pretty sure I won't feel homesick for the Tex-Mex of my youth, like when we lived in Connecticut. I'd loved to try Frida Bistro!

  3. It all sounds so delicious. The cookie, especially, sounds fascinating. I would have never come up with those flavors in a cookie.I'll have to try it soon! Thank you for the write up.

  4. I had dinner at Frida Bistro last friday. I didn't notice the sopecitos (and can't wait to try them), but I will tell you what I loved: the halibut ceviche. So spicy! My friend liked his dinner so much that he somehow flipped his plate into his lap in his excitement. Also, the drinks are inventive. I can't wait to go back!

  5. my favorite slc mexican food experience isn't exactly a refined one as it involves beto's, late nights (more like very early mornings), coming home from dancing/concert/whatever it was, and so many good friends.p.s. that dessert looks amazing!

  6. I have not been to Frida yet, or many of the *great* Mexican places I've heard about, sadly. Being on a tight budget means eating out only happens once in a while.However, I visited the Blue Iguana (still haven't been to the red one) and had a great lunch with shrimp tacos. I can't wait to try Frida, for lunch, or dinner with their famous margaritas.

  7. I don't make it downtown to eat nearly enough and haven't tried Frida's yet. If I win I'd love to take my sweet Spanish teacher to Frida's. She is from Nicaragua, so I think she'd love it.

  8. I'd have to say I haven't had many fine Mexican food experiences in Salt Lake yet, but maybe that has to do with the fact that I haven't been to Frida yet :)

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