The Metropolitan Restaurant in Salt Lake

closed… The Metropolitan, a Salt Lake City Dining Staple

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One of my favorite summer memories in Salt Lake is having my bestest friend Kristin in town and sharing a special weekend together including several good meals. We had rich long conversations over meals and scenic mountain drives, making up for lost time in our treasured friendship. Kristin has visited Utah a few times, so I asked her if she would share a bit of her persepective of Salt Lake.  Allow me to indulge you with a new perspective.

Metropolitan Restaurant in Salt Lake

One Texas Gal and Her View of Salt Lake City
“One word that would sum up my time in Salt Lake is refreshing. From the Farmer’s Market, to the mountain barbecue, and the hike to Dog Lake, my soul felt renewed by the relaxed atmosphere and outdoor beauty. It was energizing to walk downtown, and up to Sundance. I got to escape the monotony of strip malls and food chains and experience the uniqueness of Salt Lake. Friendly people, delicious fare, and fantastic conversation with my dear friend made for a rejuvenating trip.”

The Metropolitan Restaurant in Salt Lake

One place Kristin and I shared a meal was The Metropolitan. I don’t often go to fine dining restaurants unless there is a special occasion or a good discount. This summer I found both, which gave me a great excuse to try the Metropolitan.  Not only was my birthday, but it was Kristin’s too.  To boot, offered a $50 gift certificate for only $20.

Apparently we weren’t the only ones celebrating a special occasion.  The only other folks in the restaurant seemed to be couples out for a romantic evening.  From my view of the surrounding tables, I  imagined them to be a young couple celebrating their 1st anniversary, a couple on a date celebrating a birthday and one more celebrating their 10th anniversary at the restaurant they came to on their honeymoon (or at least this is what I conjured up in my imagination).

To start the meal off right, the server begins with an array of different warm rolls which you can select from, which I enjoyed immensely.

Then we moved on to small plates, especially enjoying the fresh seasonal fare.


Our mouths watered at every dish making it difficult to select our favorite.  We tried a few small plates, an entree, and of course, a dessert.  Here were our selections for the evening:

Shaved Asparagus Salad
Metropolitan Mushrooms
Balsamic Tomatoes and Mozzarella over Pork
Lamb over Fresh Polenta
Tres Leches Cake

The metropolitan mushrooms were presented beautifully and tasted amazing, surrounded by a truffle potato puree that was prefectly crisp and drenched in a robust red wine sauce.  The lamb entree was spectacular.  The meat was seasoned perfectly and not overcooked and served with a creamy sweet polenta and a spicy sauce.  Those two dishes were my favorite of the evening.

By far what stands out to me about The Metropolitan was the food.  Everything had passionate flavor and artistic presentation.  The service and atmosphere were nice, but I’ve been to others I enjoyed more.  The food is remarkably memorable.

Right now Metropolitan is also offering a locals night. Every Monday evening you can choose items from their discounted menu, 3-courses for $30 or 5-courses for $45, plus free corkage all night.  Bring your favorite bottle of wine and a fine date and enjoy a full dinner for two for $60.  They also offer American Tapas on Thursday, Friday and saturday nights with $3 small plates and $4 cocktails.

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What restaurants are on your list for fine dining staples?
The Metropolitan
173 West Broadway
Lunch 11:30am – 2pm Monday- Friday
Lounge 5:30 Monday – Saturday
Dinner 6 pm Monday – Saturday

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