Dog friendly restaurants in Salt Lake

Dog Friendly Restaurants in Salt Lake City

Reviewed by Becky

We have a sweet new addition to our family. His name is Henry Oliver, he’s a bit chubby with beautiful green eyes, a lackadaisical attitude and a love for food. Like many men, as soon as the food hits his plate, he’s consumed most of it. He’s a perfect fit for us.

There is one problem with having a new puppy. How do you go out to eat? Or where? I know eventually he will be okay to leave at home alone, but for now it would be nice to bring him along. I am looking for advice from my fellow food friends in Salt Lake. What restaurants are dog friendly? Are there any?! I’m excited to hear your responses!!
Henry thanks you in advance!
Here are a few restaurants I’ve found thus far that allow dogs on their patio
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Atlantic Cafe & Market – 325 S Main St.
Blue Plate Dinner – 2041 S 2100 E
Bruges Waffles and Frites – 336 W Broadway
Chipotle – Sugarhouse -1011 E 2100 S
Coffee Garden – 898 E 900 S
Citris Grill – 2991 E 3300 S/H 171
Em’s Restaurant – 271 North Center Street
Log Haven Restaurant – 6451 E Mill Creek Canyon Road
Lugano – 3364 S 2300 E
Meditrina – 1394 S West Temple
Noodles and Company – 1152 E 2100 S
Pinion Market and Cafe – 2095 E 1300 South
Rubios Fresh Mexican Grill – 1160 E 2100 S; 358 S 700 E, Suite F
Toaster’s – 151 W 200 S
Vertical Diner – 2280 Southwest Temple
Z Pizzeria & Cafe – 1588 E Stratford Ave

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  1. I can't wait to cuddle him! I'll keep my ears open for more places too. I know the Einstein's by our house lets you have dogs on the patio, but that's not really a foodie haven. :) Love you friend!

  2. Henry Oliver (love the name) is absolutely adorable. He looks as though he's full of spunk. Great post on dog-friendly restaurants – we'll have to take our own furry friend out with us more.

  3. How adorable! What kind of a pup is he? I have a small toy poodle and I would love to be able to take him with us when we go out to eat!

  4. Thanks for the great recomendations!! I went to coffee garden this morning and just held Henry in my arms while I ordered my coffee (intended to sit outside with him of course) and the gal at the front barked at me that it was against health codes to have him with me. So, if you go there, they are not so friendly about it although they do allow dogs on the patio and they sell dog bones at the register.Mallory, Henry is a Portuguese Water Dog. They are great medium sized dogs and do not shed. I am pretty allergic to animals so as much as I love all dogs I knew I needed to find one that was hypoallergenic. The breed is very loyal and loving and pretty calm after they've been exercised.

  5. Hi Becky, I'm Yu-Yin, Henry is so cute!!!! I want to give him a hug! I will go back to SLC next Saturday, I can't wait to see your FAMILY!

  6. Not sure if you're still looking but Piper Down allows dogs inside when its not too busy (weekdays during the day) and they have a fantastic menu. They've even given my dog a bowl of water without me asking.

  7. Hi Lynna! Yes, he is a Portugese Water Dog (but he's scared of the water actually!). I hear you have a new pup too!!

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