Ruby Snap Bakery in Salt Lake

Ruby Snap, fresh baked cookies in Salt Lake City

Reviewed by Becky
photos in this post are by my talented photographer friend AmyLashelle
Have you ever been to a restaurant or shop and then asked yourself “Why haven’t I been here before now?”  I must have driven past it a dozen or more times but I never went inside.  Now I’ve tasted the goodness and regret not doing so earlier.
Ruby Snap is a specialty cookie shop on 300 West with dozens of cookie flavors all named after pin-up girls.  Each cookie has a unique personality of its own.  The owner, Tami Cromar, is just as delightful as her little shop. Full of creativity and spunk, her charisma spills out into each cookie she creates.

Ruby Snap Bakery in Salt Lake

This super fun cookie shop has recently been in the spotlight as it is goes through a law suit with Pillsbury.  I don’t know the details of the lawsuit but I know it has to do with the brand name, Ruby Snap being too much like the Little Dough Boy.  In my opinion, I can’t understand why a huge company like Pillsbury would be such a bully to desire a law suit over something that doesn’t effect them or their brand.  The two names are different enough and Ruby Snap is a small cookie shop in Salt Lake City, not a National brand. The whole news story just made me want to go eat a bunch of cookies.

Ruby Snap cookies in salt lake

So I finally visited Ruby Snap and got to try several of their cookies.  It is fun to find a cookie that matches your preferences and personality. Here were my favorites:
Margo– chocolate cinnamon dough with a molten milk chocolate mint center.
Audrey– Almond Dough packed full of almonds, cranberries, and white chocolate
Betty– Oatmeal cookie coupled with Mediterranean apricots and Montmorency cherries
I am also really looking forward to their Frida cookie, which was a special for Frida Bistro, an upscale Mexican Restaurant in town.
Frida– Dark chocolate cookie with grilled chile d’arbol
And not only does Ruby Snap sell delicious cookies, they also have vintage gums and gum balls, cutsie aprons and dish towels, and a few gift items.
Ruby Snap Cookies make the perfect gifts, as they come in fun little boxed some with polka dots and ribbons with a fun logo sticker on top.
Ruby Snap Bakery in Salt Lake
After grabbing a cookie you must stop by this new antique shop next door, Chic and Unique, they have lots of great finds and good prices.

Chic and Unique antique store in salt lake

Have you been to Ruby Snap?  If so, what’s your favorite cookie and does it fit your personality?

Ruby Snap
770 South 300 West
Mon- Sat 10am- 6pm
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  1. the 'betty' is my favorite along with the 'vivianna'. the 'audrey' and 'margo' fill out my top 4. great blog post and great photos by your friend.

  2. I love the "lilly" my girls love the "margo" and my husbands loves the "virginia". I really haven't had a cookie here that I don't like and I loved the poppyseed, blueberry, lemon cookie that they featured last month!

  3. Love Tami and love My Dough Girl! Everything about this place is perfect. The cookies are honestly some of the best I've ever tasted and being able to take them home and bake them when you want them is completely the best news! And the best part is that you feel like you just had a converstion with your best friend when you've been in the store. Great post, thanks for putting this up :)Margo is my all time favorite!

  4. I have also driven by so many times, but have never stopped. With those cookie flavors, I will definitely have to change that.

  5. I am going to have to make a visit to this cute shop! It is my dream to open up a bake shop like this and I am so envious of all of the cute ones around town!

  6. ooooh I LOVE Margo. I just can't get enough. Betty is my second favorite :) and the cookie she had in June was to die for…can't remember the name, but it was a lemon poppyseed blueberry cookie. yum!

  7. The lemon cookie (what’s the name…hmmm…) I was gifted them and loved them so much I went in and bought some more. My intention was to give it away, but it did not make it out of my house!! I met the owner once and thought she was so lovely. Definitely love their cookies!!!!

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