High West Distillery Silver Whiskey

High West Distillery’s New Silver Whiskey

Reviewed by Becky

written by my husband Josh, because he knows whiskey much better than I
I leaned over the bar at Seven Grand, a whiskey bar in downtown LA, searching through their hundreds of whiskey options hoping to find something from High West. I didn’t care to order it, I just wanted to make sure they had it to prove their taste in good beverage before I ordered an obscure, hard-to-find Scotch, neat with a water back. After all, I was out of Utah, I wanted to try something not so…regulated. If a bar shelf has High West, I feel at home. I feel like I can trust the bartender to do me right.

Not long ago, I finally made it to High West Distillery and Saloon on Park Street in Park City. Walking in, I planned to see the many versions of wood-toned spirits, but their latest creation left me with a lot of questions for the bartender, like “Why did you put vodka in a whiskey bottle?” or “What?”

High West’s new Silver Whiskey offers all the processes of whiskey minus the aging in wooden barrels, so it’s clear. It never met anything to shade its color. In a shot glass, it might be mistaken for Vodka, but one sniff and there’s no mistaking the fragrant, floral aroma. After the first taste, the vodka disguise is completely compromised.

Silver whiskey is new to me, but it’s no longer foreign. I’m looking forward to returning to the distillery to pick up a bottle soon because it’s not yet in liquor stores. Any whiskey snob/Utah snob needs a bottle of High West’s Silver Whiskey for their cabinet. I must admit, I certainly enjoy their Rendezvous and Rocky Mountain better, but the Silver will certainly have a place on my shelf. Look for it at the State Store this summer.
written by my husband Josh

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  1. I hadn't heard they were making this whiskey. Is it something that stands just fine on its own, or is this something that might be better mixed?

  2. Very nice review. I love reviews like this – that while regulated – you can get an adult soda or two in the great state of Utah – and it's even brewed here. Imagine that!

  3. Nicely written Josh. You almost make me want a sip… almost. I am not a whiskey girl but I do love the bottle!

  4. jebro- we actually did a whiskey tasting and sipped on it by itself. The tasting is only like $1.50 if I remember correctly. They also use it in mixed drinks but I suppose that you could drink it on the rocks too.

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