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Always a beautiful experience at Silver Fork Lodge

Reviewed by Becky

It seems like many special moments in my life have been shared at Silver Fork Lodge. This cozy log cabin up Big Cottonwood Canyon has been the meeting place for a close friend’s engagement, one of the first dates with Josh, my wedding day brunch, a special dinner with my dad, and most recently a breakfast with a dear friend who is moving away.

Silver Fork Lodge is a bed and breakfast but also a restaurant serving hearty breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you are looking for a common meeting place for skiers or just wanting to get a beautiful view of the mountains, Silver Fork is just the spot.

In the summer you can sit out on their beautiful deck and enjoy the aspens and crisp mountain air. Then in the winter you can cosy up near the fire and enjoy the warmth inside while viewing the beautiful snow covered mountains through the windows.

Their specialties include, sourdough pancakes served with hot apple compote for breakfast, the Reuben Classic for lunch, and their Canyon Pepper Steak for dinner.

Since I am a huge breakfast fan, I have mainly hit up their morning fare. I have enjoyed their Banana Pancakes, Hot Oats, Benedict Florentine, and their Homemade Cheddar Grits (not all at one visit of course). Their coffee is also good, which is from Salt Lake Roasting Co. I have also enjoyed their dinner which you can read about here.

My most recent visit, I went with my friend Diana along her mother, grandmother, and aunt. Her grandmother and aunt hadn’t been around snow much, being from Costa Rica, so it was so joyful to watch them get excited to touch and taste the fresh flakes. We were celebrating Diana’s pregnancy and also enjoying favorite spots in Utah before she moves. It was incredibly special to see the generations of women in her family and hear their stories of life and pregnancy. Another momentous occasion at Silver Fork Lodge and many more to come I’m sure!

So, if you are celebrating a special occasion or just want to get up in the mountains for some fresh air and scrumptious food, try Silver Fork Lodge. You could even make a night of it and stay at their lodge. But don’t leave without trying their breakfast!

Silver Fork Lodge
11332 East Big Cottonwood Canyon Road
Brighton, UT 84121
(435) 649-9551
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  1. You are such a thoughtful person. I love that the specialness is not just food based but about the memories and time you share together. Wonderful post my friend.

  2. I've never been there, thanks for sharing! Sounds like you have many great memories there. I too am a breakfast person, we will have to check it out sometime!

  3. Barbara, it is definitely worth a trip up the canyon.Si, thanks for the tip on Left Fork, I would love to have pie for breakfast!!

  4. Just had breakfast for the first time there this weekend. Wonderful dining on the patio surrounded by hummingbirds!

  5. I think for sourdough bread or pancakes you have to have a sourdough starter and prepare it before-hand, then add the rest of the pancake mixture.

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