Les Madeleines

Les Madeleines Bakery in Salt Lake City

Reviewed by Becky

Les Madeleines is a small unique bakery in the heart of Salt Lake. I had heard delicious rumors about all of their baked goods and had the pleasure of experiencing them myself recently. My first visit was with group of foodies who met up weekend brunch and we tried much of their fare, deciding that their wasn’t a bad choice on the menu. Since then, I’ve been back and tried a few more tasty treats from their menu.

Le Madeleines is most known for their kouing aman pastry, which is layers of buttery, flaky pastry with a crusty sweet exterior. It is beyond description but I will tell you that people order them in advance and they sell them by the box full. We saw rows of them freshly baked and lined up to be sold the or boxed for pre-orders. The Bakery’s website describes the pastry as “A study in opposites: sweet and salty, gooey and crunchy.”

Les Madeleines
Les Madeleines

Les Madeleines

I first tried the Sesame Chicken Salad Wrap, which came wrapped in butter lettuce and a rice wrapper served with a miso dressing and edamame. Sometime I get food envy by checking out what others ordered but in this case I was completly satisfied with my choice. No food envy this trip. Although, I will say that everyone’s food looked tasty.

On my second visit Josh and I split the egg and cheese sandwich, which was also delicious. A fried egg topped with sharp cheddar cheese on whole wheat toast.

From their pastry case I’ve tried the Financier, a brown butter tart with quince fruit. I have recently learned about the beautiful aroma and flavor of browned butter through a Madeleine recipe I found. I enjoyed the tart and will continue to look for recipes and bakeries serving items with brown butter. Their lemon tart was beautiful and a delicious choice as well.

Les Madeleines
I was also tempted by their chocolate croissants which I noticed were made with Valhorona chocolate, which is now my favorite chocolate, thanks to all of the chocolate learning I’ve been doing recently. I made chocolate souffles with this specialty chocolate and hope to do some more experimental baking with it soon!

In addition, this fun bakery was recently awarded Best Bakery in Salt Lake City by Salt Lake Magazine!

Photos by professional photographer and my beautiful friend Amy Lashelle You can read her blog post about Les Madeleines here.

Le Madeleines Bakery
216 East 500 South
Tuesday thru Friday- 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday- 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Sunday and Monday- Closed
twitter: @lesmadeleines

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  1. I LoVE this place. Today I was downtown, and tried to remember the name of the restaurant you reviewed earlier in the week. I googled Vito. No luck. (now I see the name was VINTO) So I ended up at Tulie Bakery, and took a grilled Mozzarella and Basil sandwich home. So good. Ok, maybe Vinto for lunch next week!I think the chick salad wrap is my favorite lunch item at Les Madeline. We need to meet for lunch sometime…

  2. I also love Tulie. I haven't had their Mozzarella and Basil sandwich but I have had their Grilled cheese which is the best grilled cheese sandwiches in town!

  3. Dear Becky, I am looking forward to visiting Les Madeleines Bakery when I am in Salt Lake a week from now. You made their food sound delicious! Marilu

  4. I have yet to go to Les Madeleines, but I am drooling over your descriptions of the food. It's time I make the trip downtown for a visit.

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