Beehive Tea Room

Currently Craving: Green Tea Chai from the Beehive Tea Room

Reviewed by Becky
Around the greater Salt Lake City area I have restaurants or cafes that I frequent for specific items on their menu. These are the things that make a restaurant stay in your mind. The restaurant would probably admit, though not in public, that they too have favorites on their own menu. It only takes one good item on the menu to call us back again and again.

My favorite drink splurge is a Green Tea Chai from the Beehive Tea Room in downtown Salt Lake. Yes, parking is atrocious, but every frustrated turn around the block to find a spot is worth it once you have this drink in hand with a few friends around the table. It’s perfectly creamy and sweet with all the flavor and love of green tea. It sounds random, but try it for yourself. Soon.

And starting this weekend the Beehive Tea Room will be the official 2010 Sundance Film Festival Cafe in Salt Lake. From January 22 through January 30, the small cafe will feature live music, from 7PM to 9PM nightly. This posh tea room is the place to be and be seen this week.

Beehive Tea Room

The Beehive Tea room is a great place for a lot of teas and small bites, but, for today, I will just leave you thinking of this special concoction that keeps me motivated to navigate downtown parking.

Beehive Tea Room
12 West Broadway
(801) 328-4700

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  1. that drink sounds heavenly…does it also have chai flavors too? i'm kind of scared how green tea + chai would taste together. Although it's gotta be good to keep you coming back :)

  2. I know it sounds pretty weird but it is delicious I promise! The chai is actually the dominate flavor and then you just taste a little hint of green tea. If you ever try it let me know!

  3. that's good to know. I'll have to head up there soon to give it a try!usually if their cake is good, their cupcakes will be too!

  4. I didn't know that Sundance had official eateries for their festival! Learn something everyday. You always send me to new places in SL- thanks for this post!

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