Ruth's Diner

Ruth’s Diner in Salt Lake City

Reviewed by Becky

Ruth’s is an all-time favorite of mine. The service is not the best but its made up for by the food and atmosphere. Located in a old train cart up Emigration Canyon, Ruth’s is all about character and home cookin’.

Ruth bought a train cart and moved her restaurant up the canyon after the city demolished her burger joint downtown. From there it turned into a landmark for dining in Salt Lake City with people coming for the comfort breakfast foods on the weekends and the barbecue and burgers on nights.

Ruth’s diner, usually packed, somehow allows for intimate conversation. Maybe it’s something about the design of the room. It’s easy to hear everyone at your table no matter how many conversations are competing in the room. Last time I went, we stayed another 30 minutes after our meal to continue talking. Though the wait was out the door, they didn’t rush us out at all. Our friend David was with us. He is the king of conversation starters. His question for the morning was, “If you knew you were going to take over the world tomorrow what would be your first step after leaving here?” What’s your answer?

Any choice at Ruth’s is a good one. I’ve personally enjoyed their Thursday night barbecue on a summer evening while listening to the live music. Lately, most of their attention comes from their breakfast menu. Salt Lake Magazine awarded Ruth’s the best breakfast of 2008. In the morning hours, I love their Spinach Omelet with fresh spinach, monterey jack cheese, mushrooms, tomato, bacon and sour cream. If I’m in a sweeter mood I order the Banana Walnut French Toast. But you can’t pass up the Mile High Biscuits that they serve every table for breakfast. They, alone, are worth the trip up the canyon.

Over several trips to Ruth’s we’ve tried lots of different dishes. A friend of mine who is from Texas and specializes in cooking Chicken Fried Steak, has said that Ruth’s offers the best Chicken Fried Steak in the state. Our Texas foodie friend said the breading was especially good and she could tell that the gravy was made fresh that morning.

If you are there for dinner, you must order the Chocolate Malt Pudding. No matter how full you are, you can make a bit of room for this dessert. My Taiwanese friend once told me that all women have two stomachs, one for the meal and another for dessert. In this case, it is absolutely true.

I took a few photos of our brunch at Ruth recently that I will share with you. Take a drive up Emigration Canyon to Ruth’s as soon as you can.

Ruth's Diner

Ruth's Diner

Ruth's Diner

Ruth’s Diner
2100 Emigration Canyon
Winter Hours:
Sunday – Thursday 8am to 9pm
Friday and Saturday 8am to 10pm
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  1. As many times as I've been to Ruth's I've never ordered the Cholate Malt Pudding. Think of what I've missed. Guess I'll have to drive up the canyon and try it out…

  2. Nice photos! I do love Ruth's Diner but haven't been there for ages. I did meet the real Ruth once, way back in the day. She was quite a character. The diner was a lot different in those days too!

  3. Back in the 80's, there used to be crab enchilada's on the menu. They were so incredible. I miss going to eat on the patio in the summer time. Beautiful place. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

  4. You cannot find a better breakfast. It is just like grandma's homemade food. The biscuits are to die for…the gravy too. Enjoy

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