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Eva, Salt Lake City UT

Reviewed by Becky

I love tapas! This was my first tapa experience in Salt Lake City. I have only been to tapa bars abroad because I’ve found them to be too pricey in the states. Not the case, however, at Eva in downtown Salt Lake.You may be asking, “What are tapas?” Tapas is the name of a wide variety of appetizers, or snacks, in Spanish cuisine. They may be cold (such as mixed olives and cheese) or warm (such as puntillitas, which are battered, fried baby squid).

In North America and the United Kingdom, tapas have evolved into an entire cuisine. In these countries, patrons of tapas restaurants can order many different tapas and combine them to make a full meal. (source: wikipedia)

The best part about dining a this type of restaurant, in my option, is that eating tapas encourages conversation because people aren’t focused on the entire meal set before them. This way you can have a longer enjoyable evening with a good friend or special someone.

This is the perfect girls night out spot: smaller portions, lots of unique and flavorful options, and chic ambiance. Their menu offering is so delectable that you can hardly decide what to order, but that’s exactly the best part about it…you can try lots of different ‘small plates’ and get a good taste for all of their foods.

Tapa bars in Europe, and from my experience in Spain, usually have less expensive prices than a regular restaurant. In America, however, because people find this idea romantic and unusual, so many tapa-styled restaurants gorge their prices to an extent that makes the whole occasion completely unaffordable (at least if you want to leave with a full stomach).

Eva, however, has found a good balance, offering the tapa style with moderate pricing. Their small plates range from $3-$10 each and their menu has lots of variety, leaving you with options from rich pastas to oilve and cheese plates.

Eva Salad Salt Lake Ctiy
Eva, Salt Lake City UT


Price Range: $3 – $10 / small plate
What I tried: Pear and Gorgonzola Wood Fired Pizza and Watermelon & Feta Salad with a Balsamic Dressing
What also sounded delicious: Phyllo Wrapped Salmon, Sweet Pea and Potato Gnocchi, and Spanakopita
Tip: This is also a great place for cocktails
Tip #2: Go through the narrow restaurant to get to this cute patio
Interesting Fact: The restaurant gets its name from the chef’s grandma, Eva, who inspired his culinary path.

317 S Main St
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