Tulie Bakery

Tulie Bakery, Salt Lake City UT

Reviewed by Becky

Tulie Bakery is my neighborhood bakery.  I drop by for coffee on my way to run errands and I often meet a girl friend here for a sweet breakfast treat and to catch up.  Everyone needs a tasty bakery near to where the live, I’m just lucky that I live by one of the best bakeries in Salt Lake.

Tulie Bakery

Almond-lemon bread, cinnamon buns, gourmet cakes, almond croissants, and smooth coffee drinks …need I say more?!  Josh is pretty been habitual in his ordering from here- He consistently gets the blueberry muffin, perfectly baked with fresh blueberries or the chocolate bouchons (for breakfast even!), while I often change it up depending on if I want a splurge or not.  For a splurge I get the cinnamon bun or almond croissant, both decadent but worth it! On just an average day I’ll order the bran muffin, granola, or hazelnut biscotti. The almond-lemon tea bread is also a great afternoon treat as well as their pistachio macaroons.

Tulie Bakery
Tulie is also a great spot for lunch, with tasty soups and european style sandwiches. Also, if you a very special birthday cake for a friend they have beautifully decorated cakes and tarts that would make any friend’s special day even more incredible.
Tulie Bakery

My Favorite: the Almond Croissant and the Morning Bun.  Oh and the house granola too!
On special Saturday mornings I order: Brioche French Toast with berries and creme fraiche
What took me by surprise: Their very cute but very pricey small cakes
Tips: No Internet Access
Address: 863 E 700 S
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  1. Thanks for the review. I will have to try this place next time I am in SL. I always try to hit 9th and 9th, and Tulie is close by.

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