Cucina, Salt Lake City, Utah

Reviewed by Becky

Cucina is a gourmet deli in the Avenues of Salt Lake City, the perfect location for a small neighborhood restaurant. It is one of my personal favorite meeting places for lunch, coffee, or a casual dinner.Right now they are offering a fabulous deal- Free coffee Mondays (which includes lattes and mochas) until the DOW reaches 10,000. Just bring your own mug and choose your favorite coffee drink. Be sure to check out their free coffee wall when you come in.

They have a great patio as well as dining inside and wireless Internet. Their breakfast menu is slim but I’ve tried the homemade cinnamon scones and they are a great choice for a breakfast treat. They also have pastries, croissants, granola, oats, and breakfast sandwiches. Their lunch menu is much more extensive. Some of my favorites include their curry chicken salad, orzo pasta salad, and the Tuscan Chicken Sandwich. They have all kinds of veggie sides like asparagus, broccoli salad, potato salad etc. You can order a salad trio and pick 3-4 salad choices plus one of their delicious rolls. For dinner they have several salmon entrees, meat or cheese lasagna, orange glazed pork tenderloin, chicken or cheese enchiladas, or you can order a sandwich or salad from their lunch menu.

Cucina Deli is open Monday thru Friday, from 7 AM to 9 PM. On Saturday, 8 AM to 9 PM, and on Sunday, 8 AM to 5 PM. A special birthday lunch at Cucina Deli with good friends.
Cucina Deli on Urbanspoon
Cucina Deli on Urbanspoon

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