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Cafe Niche, Salt Lake City UT (2009)

Reviewed by Becky

Cafe Niche has proven it’s dependability on more than one occasion. I recently took my mother in law here for a late breakfast and we enjoyed a peaceful meal on the patio listening to European tunes, and sampling some of their menu. We tried the Fruit and yogurt with granola and one of their scones. And coffee of course: a Cafe O’le! If any of you are tired of paying $4 for a latte, try ordering a a Cafe O’Le, its always cheaper and is basically the same except made with coffee instead of espresso (so the beans are not as finely ground).

Cafe Niche in Salt Lake

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I enjoy it any time of day and sometimes multiple times a day. Cafe Niche is a casual breakfast/ lunch/ brunch spot in downtown Salt Lake City serving light and fresh foods like quiche, scones, smoothies, granola, french toast, salads, and sandwiches. Their challah-bread french toast, served on the weekends, is especially good served with maple butter, and orange-infused creme anglaise and topped with fresh berries.

Sit outside on their patio and enjoy a peaceful setting with light background music, or sit indoor in the posh interior surrounded by art and interesting architecture. This visit we sat outside and I ordered the fruit and yogurt with granola. My mother in law ordered a scone and a Cafe O’le. All we tried was delicious, maybe a bit overpriced still but still a good experience. On the patio on this sunny day a cool breeze touched our shoulders as we spoke about life- it was a moment that won’t be easily forgotten- engaging all of our senses in a very eternal and meaningful way. We sat for so long that we started to see lunch items being served and starting smelling the aromas fresh soups and sandwiches.

Cafe Niche is a special place to meet a dear friend, enjoy the taste of fresh foods, and the be reminded of the most important things of life.

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  1. Could you review this one again? Jeff and Tara sold it to a new chef/owner. I have tried it twice and will not go back, but I used to love it… :(

  2. I will have to try it with the new owners. I have been there for breakfast recently and noticed the menu was different. I didn't have a bad experience but it was excellent either.

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