Settebello, Salt Lake City, UT

Reviewed by Becky

I recently met up with some girl friends at Settebello for some Napoletana pizza, a traditional pizza which first made its debut in Napoli in the mid 1880’s. This traditional Italian pizza, often called margherita pizza, has a thinner crust with fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, and basil. We tried several types but enjoyed the classic best, although the artichoke pizza was pretty amazing as well.

Settebello also have a great house salad and don’t forget to leave room for some gelato! The gelato was exceptionally good. I haven’t had good creamy gelato since visiting Spain, so I was stoked to find a local place to enjoy one of my favorite treats. I tried the Nutella flavor and loved every bite- you can never go wrong with Nutella anything! I tasted the Amaretto flavor which was also pretty amazing.

After visiting Settebello I met a foodie couple originally from New York, Keith and Sherry, who currently live in Park City but gladly drive to Salt Lake for the pizza at Settebello. They said that there are a few places in town that compare to the food in New York but Settebello is one of them. They also mentioned Aristos, Hong Kong Tea House, Takashi, Em’s and Bambara. The only restaurant they said worth visiting in Park City was Riverhorse. After chatting with them for a bit I felt more confident in my favorite local spots because I love Aristos and have had some of the best food experiences at Riverhorse as well. I will have to try some of their other recommendations. So take it from me and if you don’t believe me at least trust the couple from New York, Settebello is the place to go for a casual atmosphere and traditional Italian pizza.

260 S 200 W
Open Mon-Thu 11am-10pm; Fri-Sat 11am-11pm
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  1. I love the settebello pizza as well, but if that NY couple think the only place worth eating in Park City is Riverhorse. . .well if you think New Yorkers have the market cornered in restaurant reviewing (and they certainly do!) then you both are sadly mistaken.

  2. Dear Anonymous,Thank you for posting your opinion. I think all opinions are relevant and will leave your comment up. The statements from the folks from New York were also just personal opinions that I thought were worth sharing. Have a nice day,Vintage Mixer

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