City Greek Express, Salt Lake City, UT

Reviewed by Becky

After some advice from Kathy Stephenson, the Salt Lake Tribune Food Writer, and some other twitter folks, I visited City Greek Express, Salt Lake’s newest Greek Cafe. It’s located at 660 S. State Street across from the Bayou and near a new concert venue called The State Room- a great location since their open late.

The rumor is the Buffalo Chicken Gyro is the thing to order…sounded a bit strange to me but I went for it, and it was much better than expected. I am not a big wings fan but the wing sauce on this Gyro was freshly made and pretty tasty. It was even still warm once I made it home. I also ordered a small Greek Salad, for a grand total of $5!

Their mini Gyros are only $2 and they come in several varieties from traditional to more fusion. They make all of their sauces from scratch and their vegetables and salads are very fresh.

I would say Greek Express has traditional Greek roots but with a modern American twist. I was told that the owner used to be in charge of the Greek Festival for many years. If you haven’t been to the Greek Festival, it is a must if you live in Salt Lake. We go every year and are never disappointed even as we wade through the crowds. It is every October and is at the Greek Orthodox Church downtown.

So, needless to say this new Cafe has a great foundation if it has roots in the Greek Festival. The casual bar-like atmosphere is great, with beers on tap, and late open hours. They had some of the friendliest service I’ve experienced in a long time and I work in the hospitality industry! They were especially kind seeing as I came it right as they were closing. I was mega impressed by this place and will be coming back to try another version of gyro and maybe some homemade baklava!

City Greek Express
660 South State Street
Tues-Fri 11:00am-9:00pm Sat- 2:00pm-9:00pm Closed Sunday/Monday

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  1. Their Greek Salad comes in a larger size and they had a homemade Greek dressing that was pretty great. I’m pretty sure they had falafel also.

  2. I am so excited to know about this! I love the Greek festival my family and I go every year. My grandpa who was Greek always introduced us to Greek food and I have been looking for a good Greek restaurant in Utah and I can’t wait to try this out!

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