Finn's Cafe in Salt Lake

Finn’s Cafe, Salt Lake City, Utah

Reviewed by Becky

This weekend I finally made it to Finn’s Cafe, a local Swedish Diner in Sugarhouse. I’ve been wanting check this place out for a while but kept talking myself out of it and going to my usual breakfast spots: Eggs in the City, The Park Cafe, and The Bakery. My parents were in town and we decided to try somewhere new. I’ll set the stage for you: a small diner with old fashioned neon sign, white walled interior with small green plants on the tables, cute waitresses all wearing red and white checkered aprons, and the smells of breakfast- maple syrup, toasts and eggs. I think this is what my version of heaven would be like, plus God eating pancakes beside me of course. We ordered: Eggs Benedict, Egg White Omelet, and French Toast. Josh was a bit sick so he couldn’t really taste his Eggs Benedict to see how it compared (he gets Eggs Benedict everywhere we go) but it looked really great to me! The French Toast was served on Cinnamon Raisin bread with strawberries on top and maple syrup. My egg white omelet came with lots of veggies, hash browns, and an English muffin with lingonberry jam. You have to ask for it because they serve raspberry jam with their toast. I must say I’m a real fan of ligonberries-I’m not real sure what they are exactly but they taste somewhere in between cranberries and raspberries to me. I have had them also at IKEA with their Swedish Meatballs. Here is what Wikipedia had to say about Ligonberries: often called cowberry, foxberry, mountain cranberry, csejka berry, red whortleberry, lowbush cranberry, mountain bilberry, partridgeberry, ligonberry is a small evergreen shurb commonly used in jam and is a staple food in Scandinavian cuisine. Whatever it is I liked it on my English Muffin as well as on Meatballs?!

More on Finn’s…I also ordered grapefruit juice, which was freshly squeezed! I have heard the Sourdough Norwegian Pancakes are amazing as well as the Waffles with Lingonberries. It was just warm enough that they opened the patio as we were leaving. I’m looking forward to lots of alfresco dining this summer so we’ll be back to try the waffles and pancakes.

Finn’s Cafe

1624 Soiuth 1100 East

Mon- Sun 7:30am-2:30pm

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