Comfort Food at Purple Sage

Reviewed by Becky

Somedays you just need a little comfort food! Like macaroni and cheese from the box, homemade mashed potatoes, or boxed brownies. Those are just a few of my weak spots. Two years ago I found an upscale restaurant in Park City that serves just that- Western Comfort Food but this time with an elegant twist to it. I recomend this place to everyone who comes to Park City. It is the perfect spot to sample some true western food and in style I might add. Relax in a purple suede booth with a low hanging lamp or in the summer sit outside on the patio under an umbrella. The hip young owner has great taste in decor and music. You’ll dine to the sounds of Josh Rouse, Griffin House, or maybe Fesit. The house specialties inclue Veal Meat Loaf, Butternut Swuash Ravioli, and Sugar & Chili Cured Duck. For an appetizer I would highly recomend the Barbeque Chicken Tamales. I’ve yet to go their without ordering those and I’m not usually one who orders an appetizer, but you can just imagine pulled chicken in jalapeño barbeque over tamale pancakes with avocado salsa and cilantro cream. A must have. And I’ll let you in on a few secrets- the owner, Travis, is son to the owners of Park City’s well known Cafe Terigo. Travis also serve’s Terigo’s famous bread pudding with golden raisins and pine nuts, topped with cinnamon ice cream over hot buttered rum sauce. Just two doors down from eachother, I have seen Travis walk over to his parents place for a few ingeredients during the evening seatings. But even though they are close in proximity their offerings are both one of a kind. Another insider note- Purple Sage hosted the cast and crew of Garden State on its opening night. It is a fabulous place to see stars during Sundance as well. If your craving some Western comfort food look no further, this hip restaurant won’t let you down.

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