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La Caille in Salt Lake City

Reviewed by Josh

Locals can now enjoy the winter wonderland of La Caille and not leave with empty pockets.  The beautiful estate now offers a Common Wealth Menu for us commoners, which I’m super thankful for.  Some might describe a dining experience at La Caille as whimsical or even magical and now more people can have that experience!

Not only have the prices altered for those of us who can’t splurge that often on dining, but the food has also seen some changes for the better.  The new chef and new owner’s highest priority is setting the standard for the food at the same quality as the lovely atmosphere it is served in. If you’ve been to La Caille in the past, you know that this hasn’t always been the case.  The new owner, Kevin Fates, decided to continue the legacy of La Caille, instead of diving the estate and making a good amount of cash, and look now towards improving the quality of food.  The focus is now on flavor, including adding some local elements to their menu like Creminelli meats!

La Caille Restaurant_SLC Foodie

We found the improvements in flavor to be true as we sampled our 3 course dinner on the Common Wealth Menu.  This new menu provides you with 3 generous courses for $36 per person. You start with a salad, move onto a delectable entree, and end with a perfect finale of dessert.  Sometimes this pre-fix menus leave you with choices that aren’t as compelling as the regular menu but La Caille made sure to give you lots of tasty options to choose from.

La Caille Restaurant_SLC Foodie

I started my meal with a beat salad, a poached sugar beet medley with toasted walnuts, radish sprouts, montrachet goat cheese, and a herb infused glacé.  Then I moved on with my selection of a vegetarian entree (not because I’m vegetarian but just simply because it sounded so good, The Roasted Borsin Buckwheat Crepes.  These warm crepes come filled with quinoa, and a root vegetable puree, surrounded by a Borsin cheese sauce and black truffle cram, and topped with sautéed spinach and wild mushrooms and fried leek straws.  Not only were the flavors bountiful in this dish with the truffle sauce and wild mushrooms, but the portion was as well.  I had enough to take home some for the next day.  My meal ended with a delicious treat, french beignets lying on a few spoonfuls of rich crème anglaise sauce. They quite literally melted in your mouth, they were that good!!La Caille Restaurant_SLC Foodie

My charming date went a different direction with his meal, ordering the Coq au Vin.  As big fans of Burgundy wine and near to connoisseurs of Coq au Vin, we tried the first bite with hesitation but decided that La Caille does a fine job preparing this traditional French peasant dish, almost as good as when we had it in France! Their Coq au Vin is served with Creminelli bacon, martini onions,  a wild mushroom medley, and a Burgundy demi glace.

La Caille Restaurant_SLC Foodie

For anyone looking for a magical experience this winter, La Caille is your spot, and now more people can enjoy it too!  I think you’ll find lots of improvements but especially in flavor and spirit at La Caille.La Caille Restaurant_SLC Foodie

La Caille
9565 South Wasatch Boulevard, Sandy Utah

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  1. I only saw that this dish was in fact Boeuf Bourguignon now..silly me!! I look forward to aikmng this dish! It gives me sweet memories of the Julie and Julia Child movie and how this was the one dish that Julie messed up .ahh I look forward toa weekend indoors so that I can make this! well done it looks so good!

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