Seasonal and Local Dining in Salt Lake City Utah

#foodfeed on Twitter: Eating Locally and Seasonally in Salt Lake City

Reviewed by Becky

If you haven’t chimed in yet, this week is your chance!  Every Thursday at 3:15 Vanessa Chang and I will be chatting about food, local food and national trends.  We hope to be a resource on local food and to start conversations that will inspire delicious meals.  I’ve already learned a lot from other folks online over the last few weeks of tweeting. To participate or observe our food feed conversation just follow #foodfeed on twitter.  If you do participate please add the hashtag #foodfeed to your tweets! Here is a snapshot of our conversation from last week on eating locally and seasonally in Salt Lake:

Seasonal Eating and Dining in Salt Lake:

Seasonal Eating in Salt Lake #foodfeed

Some additional thoughts on seasonal dining and dishes in or near SLC:

To Participate in our Food Feed on Twitter:

  • sign into twitter
  • create a search using the hashtag #foodfeed
  • joining the conversation by tweeting with the #foodfeed hashtag in your tweet
  • and just a note… please kindly ignore any inappropriate tweets on the foodfeed hashtag.  Last week it was a trending topic so there was some spam included.

We look forward to hearing more of your perspectives on local food soon!

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  1. Last week’s #foodfeed was so much fun! I enjoyed being able to chat with the local food community, meet new Twitter friends, and find new suggestions for restaurants. Can’t wait to chip in again tomorrow!

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