Marmalade, Toast and Tea SLCmixer

Reviewed by Becky

The buzzing and popping sounds of toasters going off, the smells of brewed tea and fresh baked bread, and a table filled with a rainbow of different marmalades to feast your eyes upon… this was our SLCmixer this weekend.  Our table was filled with people intrigued about new local marmalades and excited to spend a Saturday morning letting their taste buds explore each bite of toast and marmalade with a sip of nicely paired tea. Amour Spreads, The Rose Establishment and Harmons were the local products we highlighted on this morning.

Amour Spreads is a company comprised two of the sweetest people you’ve ever met, Casee and John Frances.  And who would expect anything less from those who garden and make marmalade for a living. Their marmalade and jam company started when they handed a jar to a friend who happened to own a local restaurant, some of you might have heard of it before… Pago, which then turned into questions like, what’s your business name and when are you making the next jar.  Now their product can be found on menus at Pago, Tulie Bakery and Faustina and you can purchase your own jar at several local grocery stores like Liberty Heights Fresh, Caputo’s, and Traces. Another fabulous thing about Amour is that they’re making jams in the old world style in large hammered copper pots, using no pectin, only fresh ingredients from our local area.

We tasted our marmalade on fresh baked artisan bread from Harmons.  They provided us with 4 different loaves: Multigrain Whole Wheat, Country French, White Chocolate Pecan (it tasted just as amazing as it sounds!), and classic Ciabatta.  Harmons breads are easily some of the best in town, and if you haven’t been into their new City Creek store, their breads are just one more excuse of why you must go!

The Rose Establishment, brought in their finest, Erica and Caleb to walk us through the tasting of 8 different teas. Each was thoughtfully paired with a marmalade as we progressed through our morning.  We sipped light to dark teas, from a delicate White Rose Petal tea to a dark smokey tea with smells of campfire and pine needles.  I absolutely loved hearing the stories behind the teas of how they came about, making drinking them all that more special. Here is our pairing line up:

1. Marmalade: Meyer Lemon Rose Geranium

Tea: White Peach Tea…organic white peony and aromatic blossums and Rose Petal Tea… pure and simple rose petals

2. Marmalade: 3 Fruit Marmalade

Tea: White Silver Needle Chrysanthemum… organic, hand picked chrysanthemum blossoms, slightly woodsy, floral notes with a clean finish osmanthus

3. Marmalade: Blood Orange Rosemary

Tea: Orchid Oolong… natural lilac flavor, full with a smooth fresh finish

4. Marmalade: Tangelo

Tea: Happy Tea… guajusa, holly leaf, strawberries, and hibiscus flowers

5. Marmalade: Ruby Red Grapefruit

Tea: Rooibos Garden… rooibos, marigolds, safflower, cornflowers and natural essence of mango and guava.

6. Marmalade: Strawberry Lemon

Tea: English Breakfast Black Tea… biodynamic, smooth, malty, robust flavor with a clean finish

7. Marmalade: Pomegranate Citrus

Tea: Sencha… traditional Chinese green tea with grassy notes

8. Marmalade: Orange Habanero

Tea: Lapsang Souchong Black Tea… organic, smoked over pine needles, smooth and smokey

If you interest has been peaked with any of these teas or marmalades, pop on in at the Rose Establishment or at Liberty Heights and pick up some of the local products we tried.  Also, if you want to take your tea tasting a little further, The Rose Establishment offers tea and coffee classes now in their cafe, see the Rose Establishment event calendar for more info.

If you’re interested in coming to a future SLCmixer check out our line up for the next few months on Or if you have a local product that you’re interested in highlighting at one of our SLCmixers, please contact us at slcfoodie at gmail.

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