The Sage Cafe

Reviewed by Becky

Last week I took a friend to a favorite spot of mine in downtown Salt Lake, Sage Café; A quaint and charming cafe on 300 South that serves vegetarian fare and has indoor and outdoor seating; A perfect place to have a casual dinner with a good friend. Although I am not a vegetarian I must admit they know what they’re doing when they season their foods. The sauces and seasoning are way more flavorful at a vegetarian restaurant; you should see for yourself!

I’ve been here a handful of times and have had the chance to try a few different menu items. There are several dishes on their menu that I would highly recommend. For starters, their bruchetta made with 7-grain bread and topped with pesto, fresh tomato and sprinkled with almond slivers is exceptional. They have several really great salads also; the one I especially enjoy is their Sautéed Spinach Salad that is topped with portabella mushrooms, grilled apples, seasonal vegetables, and maple walnuts. The entree that I’ve ordered in the past is their magic wok with vegetables, tempeh, brown rice, and a cashew coconut curry sauce. I will definitely be going back for that.

When Melissa and I went on Tuesday night they were having a special all you can eat pizza and salad so that is what we decided on. Served like a Brazilian barbeque restaurant, if you’ve never been to one- the food is served periodically as waiters walk around the restaurant with the most fresh options for you to choose from. So, we enjoyed a long leisurely dinner trying several different pizzas – portabella mushroom with tomato sauce, Thai lettuce wrap, peanut butter and wine reduction, broccoli and pesto, and a vegetable and red cabbage. The slices are very thin so you can try several types and not get too full. The wait between pizzas was slow but the atmosphere and experience is definitely worth it; not the best place if you’re in a hurry. It was perfect for us, so we could chat between the different pizzas that would come fresh out of the oven. For more reviews of this restaurant and their hours click here. I highly recommend Tuesday nights at Sage Cafe. Although, come early because I’m not the only one who has found this local gem!

This photo doesn’t do the cafe justice. Keep in mind that March is an ugly time of year for Utah. I’ll go back and take another photo during the spring.


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  1. dawn would love it! i admit, after dating a veger, i have tried vegetarian delights much to my satisfaction. who knew a west texas meat boy would enjoy a little roughage? next time i’m in town, Sage it is!

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